Housing Counseling

HUD-Certified Counseling for At-Risk Families

Family Talking to Counselor

The Housing Counseling program provides one-on-one counseling for families in a variety of areas related to housing needs. The HUD-Certified Housing Counselor offers guidance, referrals, information, and support to families at risk of becoming homeless.

Housing Counseling Services include:

  • Pre-Purchase/Home Buying Counseling: Will cover the entire home buying process from beginning to end.
  • First Time Home Buyer Workshops
  • 8-hour course currently being offered via zoom
  •  Required credential to access county grant programs for down payment and closing cost assistance

Financial Literacy Counseling:

  • Budget Counseling
  • Creating a personalized and sustainable budget that will help you achieve your (housing) goals.
  • Information on different types of banking services such as checking and savings accounts to help grow wealth and stability.
  •  Credit Counseling (coming soon)
  • Establishing and repairing credit
  • Obtaining credit reports
  • Avoiding fraud

This program is for residents of DeSoto, Hardee, Manatee and Sarasota counties.

First Time Home Buyer Classes      First Time Home Buyer Schedule 2024

email | housing@stepupsuncoast.org

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