VITA Tax Preparation

Free Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Tax FormThe Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax filing services January through April each year at various sites throughout Manatee County and All Year Round by appointment only for any individual or household who made less than $66,000 in that tax year. Click here for a list of sites

IRS trained and certified volunteers are available to assist residents whose family income is less than $66,000 with tax preparation. Electronic filing is also available.

Become a VITA Volunteer

If you would like to prepare your own taxes for free go to:

Following VITA Forms are required to be filled in by each client:

Form 13614-C (English)
Form 14446 (English)

Form 13614-C (Español)
Form 14446 (Español)

Following documents are required to prepare
your taxes by any of the three virtual options:

  • Photo copy of Social Security cards or ITINs for everyone on the return – NO exceptions
  • Photo copy of State Identification for each person on the return
  • All W-2s, 1099s and other income documents
  • Self-Employed and Contract Labor (Out of scope, losses or inventory etc.)
  • Proof of Expenses, if self-employed
  • Form 1095 – A, if you had health insurance from State Marketplace
  • Direct Deposit Information – Bank Name, Account & Routing Number
  • 2019 Tax Return

If Applicable:

  • Form 1098 (mortgage interest, property taxes)
  • Form 1098-T or 1098-E
  • Name, address and tax ID or Social Security
  • Number of any child care provider

Program Contact

Nidhi Kumar | 941-300-2256
email | taxes@stepupsuncoast.org

Questions about VITA Tax Preparation?