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Arrive at your appointment on time and with the following items:

  1. Photo ID of applicant for all adult household members
  2. Social Security Card or ITIN numbers for all household members
  3. Proof of all household income for one month (paystubs, unemployment, child support, food stamps, SSI, SSDI, pension, etc.)
  4. Birth certificates for everyone under age 12
  5. List of all children, the schoolds they attend, and student ID numbers
  6. A letter explaining the immediate need (what is the cause of the crisis you need help with)
  7.  Signed current lease (HAP agreement for Section 8).  All adults must be on lease.
  8. A current 3 day notice
  9. A list of all household bills you have to pay every month (water, electric, gas, cable, cell phones, car insurance, car loan, student loans, payday loans, credit cards, "buy here pay here" loans)
  10. If moving into a new place, we need a letter from the new landlord that includes amount of rent and deposit and anything included in rent (electric, water, etc.)
  11. bank statements for last 2 months

If you are missing any items or paperwork you will have 3 working days to turn it in or your file will be closed.  Also, if we run out of funding before you can turn in all of your paperwork, your file fill be closed.

Manatee Office
6428 Parkland Drive
Sarasota, FL 34243


Questions?  Please call  941-827-0188 ext. 7900 or e-mail 

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